Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom is a 2008 Hollywood martial arts action adventure film from Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company directed by Rob Minkoff. Two of the well-kown names in the name of martial arts film genre come together onscreen, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, with the action sequences choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping.

Minkoff's time traveling take on the Monkey king fable that finds an American teen named Jason Tripitakas transported back to ancient China after wandering into a pawn shop and discovering the king's fighting stick. Once there, the adventurous teen joins an army of fierce warriors who have sworn to free their imprisoned king at all costs. In addition to appearing as the mythical Monkey King, Li will also assume the role as a silent monk as Chan appears in the role of the monk T'sa-Ho.

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Beck said...

Wow.... just love it. Too like DVD collections at Star Trek.