Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kath & Kim

Kath & Kim at it’s face seems like normal sit-com dreck, but this one might be different. The comedy hopes to duplicate the success of the Australian version, that had a cult fan base up until the end of the fourth and last season in 2007. Molly Shannon is finally back from wherever she went after Saturday Night Live and she plays Selma Blair’s mom. Blair is returning home because her marriage is over, O-V-U-R. It’s a show that will bring the laughs.

Kath & Kim are suburban nightmares living the suburban dream. Kath is a forty-something single lady who likes to keep herself trim, and cleanses and tones of an evening. She's proud of her townhouse and considers herself high maintenance. Her daughter Kim is a pouting princess whose glass of Bailey's Irish Cream is always half empty rather than half full and believes she's a horn bag in anyone's language. She's separated from her husband of two months and is consoling herself by stuffing her face. With Kath's new fiancé Kel, Kim's second best friend Sharon, and her estranged husband Brett, they love to make mountains out of molehills and sours ears out of silk purses. Kath & Kim leave no letter unturned as they mangle syntax and find virtue in the mundane.

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Faith Cooper said...

There is something about this tv series that keeps me watching, I do enjoy the set dressing and wardrobe.