Saturday, July 14, 2007

McMillan and Wife

McMillan and Wife was one of three original rotating elements in the NBC Mystery Movie which was aired on September 1, 1971. It is a crime drama television show about a married couple that solves criminal cases. Stewart McMillan is the police commissioner of San Francisco, who is the man with ponderous responsibilities. Together with him is his beautiful wife, Sally, who's fond of solving criminal cases which she unintentionally stumbled upon.

They live in the city and have a smart housekeeper named Mildred, who is opposite to her absent-minded sister, Agatha. McMillan's duties require her to intervene personally when circumstances warrant in police cases, and here she is aided by the saturnine but enthusiastic Sgt. Enright. The commissioner's mother, Beatrice McMillan is a brilliant person, independent-minded and a very fast driver.

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