Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is an Emmy award winning drama-comedy tv series created by Carol Black and Neal Marlens launched on January 31, 1988. It is about the story of a young teenager who is facing rites of passage on his way to adulthood. Kevin Arnold is the main character in the series which was played by Fred Savage. He is living in a quiet-middle class suburb together with his father Jack, his mother Norma, his brother Wayne, and his sister Karen. Kevin also grows up with his love interest Winnie Cooper, and his best friend Paul Pfeiffer. The story is narrated by an older, wiser Kevin voiced by Daniel Stern, describing what is happening and what he learned from his experiences.

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darkwind said...

Naks naman sakto ang post. This is my favorite tv show... EVER!. Paulit-ulit kong pinapanood ang mga episodes nito and naaalala ko pa ung last episode. Parang reality tv na rin since the show started nung maliit pa ang mga main characters.

Great Post.

Kevin and Winnie! Sana ipalabas ulit kahit replays!