Monday, March 17, 2008

Step Up 2

Step Up 2 the Streets is the sequel of the smash hit Step Up which ignited theaters in August 2006. It is story of a 16-year old rebellious street dancer Andie West played by Briana Evigan. After her mother died, she was taken in by her mother's best friend, Sarah. Since Andie often skips school and spends too much time as member of the notorious dance crew 410, Sarah wants her to go live with her aunt in Texas.

Meanwhile, her friend and older brother figure, Tyler Gage played by Channing Tatum (leading man in Step Up) convinces Sarah to give her another chance. She lands at the elite Maryland School of the Arts. She finds herself fighting to fit in while also trying to hold onto her old life. When she joins forces with the school’s hottest dancer Chase to form a crew of classmate outcasts to compete in Baltimore’s underground dance battle called The Streets, she ultimately finds a way to live her dream while building a bridge between her two separate worlds.

After a humiliating prank from MSA, the 410 crew attacks Chase and vandalizes the school, after which Blake Collins, the director of the school and Chase's big brother, throws out Andie and forbids the school's students to participate in any competitions like The Streets.

A few days later while the school is hosting a fundraiser they all receive the text message telling them where 'The Streets' is being held. Andie chooses the ignore this but the other feel it nesessary to take part and go call on Andie, upon convincing her they head down the 8th and Main.They go to the building where the event takes place anyway, but the 410 do not let them compete as well as the crowd agrees. Since MSA believes the streets is more than just for dancing, they go in the streets, where the dancing really started, and perform in the pouring rain. Blake, who is observing, is impressed enough to allow Andie to return to the school, and integrate the dance style into the school program.

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